Richard Fenner

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter several times at the Abbotsford Airshow, where he worked with my good friend Dick Singer. Peter was always a joy to be around, and a consummate gentleman. To his family, his friends, and his work colleagues, I offer my heartfelt condolences. R.I.P. and blue skies, Peter. You will

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Jonathan Targett

I went to school with Pete in Rochester in the late 60s and we used to go to Chatham Central Hall to see bands such as Emerson Lake and Palmer, Curved Air, Yes and Canned Heat. He used to bash out the drums accompanying LPs of Sha Na Na and Led Zeppelin and we both

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Stephanie Stinn

I love this photo because it was a beautiful spring day at Barnsley Gardens and Peter taught me how to shoot clays that day. I wasn’t the greatest student, but he was an expert teacher and had the patience of a saint. I am fortunate to have worked with Peter and lucky to have called

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Jen Simmons

This is one of my favorite photos of Pete and Elisabeth. I am so thankful that she was able to know and love him for as long as she did. He will always be a huge part of her life, even though he physically can’t be here. I will miss his laugh and his funny

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Robyn Anson

Such fond memories of you all from when we all lived in Dayton, Ohio. You had just arrived from England to live in USA. Pete was drumming (I believe) at church). But the memory I want to share is when Pete “ran” the Grand Canyon for a charity cause.. After he finished (with two other

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Lesley Cooper

Pete is at peace. I pray Debbie that you can find peace too in such a troubling time. RIP Pete Simmons.


Diane & Joe Hale

Memories of Pete take us back to the very beginning of our calling to ministry. Pete was a go-getter with a positive attitude, a good friend, husband and father to his boys! He was the ‘typical’ English man and being English myself our friendship gave us a special cultural connection. We greatly appreciated Pete as

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Lynwood A. Maddox, Jr.

In 1993 I was in an automobile accident. In the months that followed, Pete was the one person who tracked me down almost every day. Sometimes he would pray for me. Sometimes he would just talk. He always let me know that he cared. During those months, he was the voice of the God whom

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Laura Rohnert

Relaxing times in Hermosa Beach, sharing a beer and a smile.


Thia Bryan-Simmons

Having the family together for Joanna’s wedding :). So lovely.


Jon Anderson

Thinking about you and your family, Charles. May your father rest in peace now. β€œTo live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ― Thomas Campbell (High Street, Glasgow)


Bill Cullen

Pete tried to teach me how to ride his motor bike at school. “Let tge clutch out slowly as you rwist the throttle” He assumed I knew how to stop. Ran bike and my shoulder into sports centre wall. ….Thanks Pete. RIP mate.