Andrea Brown

I had the privilege of working with Peter at Lockheed Martin. He was a very talented communications professional and was held in high esteem by his peers. I was also fortunate to consider him a dear friend. He will be missed by many. My thoughts and prayers go out to his beautiful family. Rest in

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James Jamieson

I had the honor of meeting Peter at Lockheed Martin in September 2000 while serving with the RAF in our small British Residents Office on C-130J Hercules Programme. Peter liked to joke with kin folk and be all british. He took our small contingent under his wing with invitations to the British American Functions albeit

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Lindsay Peacock

I regret that I never had the good fortune to meet Peter, but we communicated via email and the occasional telephone call for several years. As the individual responsible for ensuring the entry on the C-130 Hercules in Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft was as up-to-date as it could possibly be, our association was largely

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Esther Simmons

Relaxing under the birch tree in the garden.


Skip Smith

I had the good fortune of meeting Peter shortly after I moved to Georgia and began working at Barnsley Resort. As clay shooters and fellow instructors we had a host of common interest. Peter helped us out by teaching with us for both the Orvis School and our Caesar Guerini School and of course he

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Peter with Planes


Jim Grant

Peter was simply a great personal and professional friend. I am so glad our paths crossed and will truly miss his “hey Mate” greeting. He taught me more about communications and media relations than all my college professors combined. Our phone call minutes after he became a US Citizen will be a call I will

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Woody Woodward

I met Pete Simmons in the Spring of 1991 shortly after my family and I transferred to Atlanta from South Florida. At that time, I only knew those I worked with. Pete became a very good friend. Our common bond then was running, and the sip of a good brew after enduring a goodly distance,

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Isla Craigie

Pete & Debbie spent quite a bit of time with us at Lake Lanier over the past few years and we enjoyed good times together. This is a great picture of the two of them on our houseboat on October 17, 2011.


Greg Ulmer

Peter always reached out to those around him to may you feel welcome, comfortable, at ease and “a part of” whatever he was involved with, whether at work or in a social setting. When I think of words to describe Peter I think of caring, humble, passionate, fun and civil (something us yanks struggle with).

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Laura Lerdall

I met Peter when he coordinated a fundraiser for That Others May Live Foundation at the beautiful Barnsley Gardens in north Georgia in 2011. He was gracious, charming and I thoroughly enjoyed his company. He even gave me some great tips for shooting skeet which, as a novice, I greatly appreciated. Peter was always very

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Mark Hawthorn

An exceptional man who will be missed by all. Heaven has another great addition and I hope they have some jars of Marmite up there for him! My condolences to his family and friends. Thanks for all of the tours over the years showing us your ‘babies’ Pete.


Mitzi Cheney

I met Peter through shooting sporting clays with my husband Ken Cheney who also works at Lockheed. Peter was always a friendly, laughing person, who was so much fun to be around. He didn’t seem to mind me hanging out with the guys during shooting events. I know he gave a lot of his time

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William Spiers

My heartfelt condolences to the entire family. But especially to Luke and Debbie: The news of Pete’s illness came only recently and was devastating to me. While the time I knew him was short, I feel that I saw the best in him—a kind and caring man, passionate for his family and for life. We

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Edna Berkshire

Pete was with us from the beginning when we started the Atlanta British Car Fayre in downtown Norcross in 2000. We could not have progressed through those first four or five years without his help and guidance, especially on the day of each event. He was our organizer and sorted out the parking so that

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Nancy Henderson/Betty Sampsel

Great day with Peter at Barnsley – as always, big smile – he may have been laughing AT me and Betty.. We will miss you.


Pauline Saunders

From reading books under your bed Debbie in our teenage years, waiting for him to call, through my visit in 1989, Pete was a great friend, prankster, dependable moral guide. Your sons are privileged. He will always remain in my garden.


Melinda Schmiedeknecht

I remember his Loony Tunes tie in the midst of very proper Brits and his joking around. He was a good friend to Darrell Hinder and I at the Rolls-Royce North American office.


Tom Burbage

Peter and I go back to his earliest days at LM and I depended mightily on his communications skills and sense of humor to make it through many challenges both at home in Marietta and in many International adventures. My wife and I especially think of Peter and our many trips to the Royal International

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Jane Noel

I first met “Pete the Beat” back in the early 90’s when he was the drummer in His Kids children’s church. We became reacquainted in the last year as he came to worship in the chapel each week. Though he had lost his ability to verbally communicate, we had many wonderful unspoken moments. My Sunday

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